Thierry Burger-Helmchen
International Journal of Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Vol.5 No.3, pp.241 - 257
Année de publication : 2020

This paper proposes a framework that contributes to facilitating understanding of unusual forms of entrepreneurship and their interaction with economics actors and institutions. Particularly, our framework is based on the 5M framework (markets, money, management, macro and meso environment) proposed by Brush et al. (2009).

We analyse these factors in the light of unusual entrepreneurship: unusual macro environment, unusual meso environment, unusual management, unusual money, unusual market, and in addition unusual microenvironment.

Our contribution is threefold: 1) to enhance knowledge and understanding of unusual forms of entrepreneurship; 2) to advance knowledge and raise awareness of new forms of entrepreneurship and the related benefits and challenges; 3) to provide insights of a range of social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on entrepreneurial activities among indigenous and migrants.