Burger-Helmchen Thierry, Meghisan-Toma Georgetta
Doing Business in Europe : Economic Integration Processes, Policies and the Business Environment, Alina Mihaela Dima (ed.), Springer, p. 195-212.
Année de publication : 2018

This chapter focuses on the main steps towards a digital society at the level of the European Union’s countries. The first subchapter entitled “EU Digital Single Market Regulatory Frame” provides information about the Digital Single
Market Strategy for Europe. The subchapter entitled “ICT Sector Influence on EU-28 Economic Growth” underlines the main influences of ICT sector (ICT demand and ICT supply, national corruption and lifelong learning as moderating variables) on GDP. The subchapter “EU-28 Digital Divide” focuses on the main elements that create digital gap between the countries of the European Union. Reading the full chapter, the students will understand the progress of EU-28 countries towards a digital society and economy, together with the effort of the European Commission to create proper regulatory frame. This study is a necessary tool for the students, focusing on the main elements that need to evolve in order to reach a single digital market.