Ruth Oriama, Robert Mudida, Thierry Burger-Helmchen
International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development, 13, 4, 341-369
Année de publication : 2022

The development of innovation-driven secondary prevention interventions in a niche environment could increase competitiveness in health bioeconomy-related activities. We use trends from Kenya to present a conceptual framework, « the salutogenesis-bioeconomy framework », illustrating how a knowledge-based bioeconomy contributes to health demand conditions. This conceptualisation sheds light on how preventive medicine interventions in a knowledge-based bioeconomy paradigm can contribute to sustainable niche development and, consequently, competitiveness. Four themes are presented: market prototype innovations, ecological fix innovations, technological fix innovations and techno-ecological fix innovations. This framework elucidates the contribution of preventive medicine interventions to sustainable niche development and health demand conditions in a knowledge-based bioeconomy paradigm.

Keywords: health; bioeconomy; knowledge-systems; economic-transitions; innovation.